Something New: Self Care 101

There’s a new trend going on called Self-Care i keep hearing about everywhere. Although it may seem like something new to a lot of people, this idea is actually not that new.

When i first became a mother, my own mommy dearest had a really lengthy chat about self-care. As i am somewhat of a busy body, always caring for all others but myself, it made my mom worried about not practising self-care as a new mom.

“Self-care” wasn’t the exact words used but they were more along the lines of “now more than ever before, you have to learn to take care of yourself as much you are taking of your newborn. If you dont care for yourself well, how are you going to be able to care for him? My angel is the most precious to me and he needs his mommy to be healthy as well. A happy healthy mom has a happy healthy baby. This is something my mom told me when i had your older siblings and its something for you to know and pass on to your children. It may sound like a lot of time, but a few minutes of taking care of yourself can make such a huge difference both for you and your children.”

No words rung truer than these.

I struggle sometimes but i always recall that even if it doesnt seem like there’s enough time, time can always be made.

This is the first week of January 2021 and i want to try something different.

I’m going to have a week of detoxifying self-care from January 3 to 10th and here are the guidelines.


1. Unplug – 1 hour max of any screen time. Calls are not considered screen time.

2. Coffee/Tea Time – A sweet tea or coffee break depending on which type of person you are.

3. Take a nap.

4. Follow a Skin-care/beauty routine.

5. Get physical for 30 minutes.

6. Time with God/Meditation.

7. Read or engage in relaxing activities.

8. Mindfully eating healthier.

9. 20 minutes of cleaning and prepping.

10. Journaling.

My goal for this week is to come out with a clearer mindset. I’m trying to let go of all the business of life and focus and on what truly matters. At the end of each day, I will write down my thoughts on this process and it’s effectiveness.

Day 1

This was one of the hardest day for me. Getting into this new routine. Juggling it together with a 9 month old was not going to be an easy transition for both of us. The struggle of being off any piece of technology was real. I still had emails to check and appointments online to attend. I decided to limit it all to one hour to help attend to only urgent matters and nothing else. However it was a struggle even more exacerbated by the Covid pandemic and our growing dependency on digitizing every aspect of our lives.

It wasn’t all bad news. Even with the struggle, I definitely felt a huge sigh of relief and was able to focus on reading more and fine-tuning rusty skills.

Day 2

Day 1 was a huge accomplishment for me but I still struggled with keeping my technology time under 1 hour. I could hardly put the blame all on me as there unavoidable things in my personal life I had to deal with.

I would have to say that my eyes felt a lot less stressed and I overall felt a feeling of peace and restfulness. There were pressing issues that I had to deal with but I still felt a strange sense of peace.

I think I love the new me.

Day 3

I felt a bit overwhelmed today. I was really relaxed and sure about my new found freedoms however the reality of it was I felt like I’d had missed out socializing. My family, parents in particular, we worried about my lack of conversations in our group chats and I definitely missed reduced social interaction. I would prefer calling as it was allowed however it’s all about texting these days and no one wants to call as much. That was truly a struggle for me and i went a little over my hour per day limit. It felt rewarding but still within my goals of this week.

Day 4

Today i tried to pick out new hobbies and tried my hand with checkers. It’s a much easier game than chess and i really enjoyed this activity with my husband.

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