As the big day approaches, it is often easy to become overwhelmed with so much to do. On top of keeping track of all key aspects of your special day, the chances of forgetting special and significant things that will make the day run smoothly increases. Here is a top 10 list of things brides forget to do before the wedding day!

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  1. Don’t forget to FOLLOW A SKINCARE REGIME.

As much as it’s important to have a spa treatment before the wedding, a healthy skincare regime that begins one month before the wedding makes a huge difference on how well the makeup sits on your skin, how long it lasts, and the quality of your photos. A healthy dose of consistency, good skin care products, and a routine is sure to get your skin in tip top shape before your big day.

I love shopping at because they provide the best healthy and clean skin care products without all the unnecessary fluff.

Here’s an extra discount of up to 75% + an extra 10% off Sale – SALEX10.

2. Don’t forget the EMERGENCY BAG.

This small bag of life-saving goodies will save you from a lot of heartbreak and heart attacks. Got a Headache? Grab an Advil. Need to fix a button? Here’s a sewing kit.

Etsy has some great emergency bride kits you can purchase if you don’t have time to make your own.

3. Don’t forget the MARRIAGE LICENSE.

The easiest way to not forget your marriage license is to leave it with the officiant. This will provide you some peace of mind knowing they are in charge of making sure it’s present at the ceremony. A good officiant will request the marriage license to be provided a couple days before the wedding.

4. Don’t forget to POLISH YOUR ROCK.

This is a step often overlooked by many brides-to-be but dare I say a moneysaver in the long run. Taking the time to send your precious engagement ring will allow your jeweller to clean your ring thoroughly. In addition, they will check the prongs to make sure your diamond is firmly secured to it. This will save you your sanity as you can be rest assured that your rock won’t be rolling off anytime soon.


A little thank you note is sweet. However nothing be at beats a custom tailored for each member of your bridal party. Afterall they were there at your dress fittings, helped you pick your decor, and held your hand through it all.

Luckily there are so many places to get customized gifts or prepared gifts. Here are a few of my favourite gifts for your bridal brunch.


Your wedding party and your tummy will be grateful for this. After-all, you will all need all the strength you can gather for a full day of Wedding activities. Having a good breakfast/lunch will propel your day in a positive direction!

7. Don’t forget TO EAT.

With all the nerves of that morning make sure to take the time to eat. A little club sandwich will go a long way. For my wedding, I remembered setting an alarm on my phone to eat and I’m so glad I did so. By the time we got to our reception, I was so hungry that I could not have imagined anyone not eating the day off.

You will be glad you ate.

7. Don’t forget TO WRITE DOWN YOUR VOWS.

Okay so I had traditional vows at my wedding so i didn’t have to worry about that. But if I did have custom vows, oh it would have been a disaster because I forgot to write my wedding speech.

So my advice to myself, and I wish someone had told me this earlier, was to get a special vows book to write my vows or speeches in. This way, I wouldn’t be stumbling for words when the time came.

Here’s a special vows and speech book I found online that will help you remember those special words.


I know “i do” heels look super cute and almost broke your bank account but trust me, you would love to wear comfortable shoes after a long day of fun. So get those comfortable shoes ready and handy for hitting the dance floor with your new Mr.

While you’re at it, get a couple pairs for your bridal party as well!


An organized wedding is a beautiful wedding and the ceremony program is often forgotten to be included. Guests will be more than grateful to have a ceremony program to follow and it will help keep you feeling confident that all your key vendors present are aware of the complete order of the day.

Creating a custom wedding ceremony program and other wedding printables is made easier with Fiverr. There are a ton of artists that can create matching ceremony programs, reception cards, invitation cards, place cards and the whole works tailored to your vision.

Click here to find an artist on Fiverr and use FIVERRSUMMER10 code to save.

10. Don’t forget TO TAKE SELFIES.

Depending on how busy your photographer is, you may find yourself waiting for your wedding photos for up to a month. Luckily, having a phone makes it so much more easier to capture quick snaps of your special day. This way you can have some memories to enjoy while waiting for your professionally taken photos.

Here’s a selfie ring light on aliexpress to help brighten your photos and a selfie stick.

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  1. Good advice here – especially about not forgetting to eat. That is so important.


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