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Hello blushing bride! Welcome to my blog.

If you are or are considering having a wedding outdoors, here are my top 10 tips you need to know when planning an outdoor wedding.

  1. Do not ignore the possibility of RAIN.

I know a lot of brides are like if i don’t have a rain plan, then it’s not going to rain or we will figure it out when we get there. However, you will feel so much more better about life if you do have a rain plan and knowing its a plan you actually like.

The second thing you would also need to find out is your venue’s rain policy is. Some venues do make the call on their own without giving you the option of deciding to move the wedding indoors. It is usually based on whatever is in your contract, so i cannot stress how important it is to always make sure you know what is in your contract and that you’ve discussed it beforehold.

Lastly, the another aspect that is greatly impacted by rain is your DJ or band. Please know their rain policy. I have had a wedding were it started to drizzle so the band broke down and would not play for the ceremony. What ended up happening was the whole crowd was singing the Wedding March and it turned into a really beautiful and great experience. But that is not a surprise you would like to have on the day of. You should also check to make sure that your band or DJ does not require a tent or they may bring their own, or you can also rent a tent for them in the event that it rains. At the end, make sure to check your contracts with your venue and entertainment vendors to know what the scenario will be if it rains.

2. Extreme Temperatures – Too Hot or Too Cold?

If it is going to cold or chilly, you will need heaters or blankets available.

If it is going to be hot, you’d like to make sure that your guests aren’t simply sitting in their sweat. I recommend having fans or parasols, even paper fans like in this link can make such a huge difference. Another plus would be to have water available right near the ceremony for guests to cool off while they wait for your grand entrance. You may also consider creating a plan to move the ceremony or reception inside, especially if you are getting married somewhere you have no clue what the weather would be like in october. Having a plan and knowing what your options are will save you a lot of time and stress on your wedding day.

3. BUGS omg!

If you are getting married near any, and i mean ANY, body of water there is a good chance there are going to be tons of mosquitos. Mosquitos do have a huge impact on your wedding and trust me, you do not want your guests, bridal party and even yourself fighting off mosquitoes in the middle of your ceremony. If the reception is outside as well, i recommend offering bug spray or even little bug repellent towelettes that can be provided to guests to wipe themselves. This will reduce the amount of bug spray in the air and on everyone’s nice clothes as well.

The other issue that can cause major issues with bugs is if there are animals at your venue. Ex, rustic barns, zoos which are super amazing venues. However, wherever there are animals there are also flies and they are miserable to deal with especially when you are having an outdoor reception. So if you are interested in having an outdoor reception, i do recommend outdoor venues without animals present so that you do not have to worry about flies all night.

4. Getting Blown Away!!

There have been many a-times I’ve been fighting the wind at ceremonies. If you are having your ceremony outside and there is a chance that it will be windy, i would recommend against any paper items such as flyers, programs and others. For the reception and cocktail hour, be sure your escort cards cannot be blown away. If the reception is outside, be sure that your escort cards are tucked into napkins or are weighted. Make sure that everything is weighted, especially if you have frames, drapery etc. I love using weights like in this link in particular because they always get the job done.

5. Sinking Stilettos OH?

This is a very important factor if you are getting married outside is your shoes or your bridesmaids shoes. Walking down a grass or dirt aisle, you do not want to be wearing stilettos regardless of how gorgeous they may be. Trust me, they always look ridiculous if you are sinking into the ground and struggling to walk down the aisle.

If you do have an amazing pair of stilettos that you would love to wear and you have a grassy aisle to walk on, may want to save them for the reception or get these amazing heel protector/stoppers that prevent your heels from sinking into the grass.

6. The Wedding Day Sunburn?!

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen. You do not want to be out during your ceremony and get fried. It is not going to be a good look and will also feel uncomfortable. This is especially important if you are someone that gets burned easily (yes black people do get sunburns too!). You may want to apply some while you are getting ready and little amounts as needed throughout the day. It is also a great idea to offer sunscreen towelettes or mini sunscreen bottles for guests if both the ceremony and reception are completely outdoors on a hot sunny day.

7. The Road-Noise Ceremony!

A lot of outdoor venues have sounds that are uncontrollable such as road noise, a waterfall or even other people being around. If there is any chance that your ceremony can be possibly drowned out by outside noises, you may want to get mics to make it easier for people to hear, stay focused during the ceremony, and enjoy the moment. It’s such a strange thing that no one expects but it becomes difficult when people keep mouthing to themselves that they cannot hear or focus because of the noises.

8. Not Having Your Guests Covered?!

Again, if there is a possibility of rain or really hot sun, you should always make sure your guests have somewhere to seek shelter or ample umbrellas. Umbrellas such as these in this link are especially important if your guests are waiting for you to walk down the aisle. It makes them feel comfortable and taken care of when the weather is not permitting.

9. Taking Grandma Off-Roading!!

Uneven terrain is super important to consider when having an outdoor wedding because it will affect your shoes (as i had mentioned earlier) and also older guests. If you are going to have older guests that have trouble walking, you may need to make sure you have someone to escort them or maybe a golf cart to reduce the amount of walking for them. If there’s uneven terrain, you do not want to have your 90 year old grandma having to hike through a bunch of rocky or grassy hills. Always make sure to consider the older folks and that there is someone there to help them. When you are doing a venue walkthrough, make sure you pay attention to the terrain to see the comfortability level for both you and your older guests.

10. Where’s the restrooms?

If you are getting married completely outside, always make sure to consider the restrooms. With a guest count of about 150 to 200 people in an area, they are going to need a restroom and sometimes it just slips brides minds. So always make sure that you have restrooms available as well as signage marking where the restrooms are. While booking an outdoor venue, always make sure to ask about the restroom options. You do not want to find out later that your guests will be using an outhouse. This is not an after the fact detail that is very fun to find out so be sure to always ask this question as it will definitely impact the experience for both you and your guests.

I hope this blog post was super helpful to you! Please make sure to share and subscribe to my blog for more wedding, health and lifestyle tips. Thanks for reading.

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