Perhaps the biggest struggle I faced consisted of embracing all my moments, regardless of whether or not it was happy or sad. If I was told this would have been a struggle for me 10 years, I would have completely ignored it.

Being an adult has its ups and downs, and as much as we talk about the ups, the downs are equally as important because those are the moments that push you to grow.


1. Be expectant that any and everything will not go as plan.

Even so, always have a plan A and a plan B. In fact have as many reasonable plans as you can create. This will allow you the flexibility and increase the number of opportunities available. You will no longer be limited and be able to bend with new changes and grow with every new moment.

2. Embrace disappointment.

I cannot emphasize how essential this point is. It’s one of the main reasons why people find themselves plunging into a downward cycle of sadness or even depression because they were unexpected of the outcomes.

Everything at its core is built on people and your relationships with people.

People will disappoint you because they are only human, just as you are. Be expectant of it, learn to forgive, and move on. You’ll find yourself more resilient and stronger, more¬†understanding and forgiving, and so much much happier.


3. There are only two outcomes: Success and Failure.

Prepare yourself for either one. This goes back to having many reasonable plans to either propel you forward during success or plant you on fertile soil when you fall.

You’ll realize that either way, you are growing and growth is a beautiful thing.

4. This too shall pass.

This doesn’t apply only to failure but to success as well. Things are always changing and the most important question to ask yourself is: Do I have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

A fixed mindset, recognizes only success, and when new changes are introduced that may alter that success to failure, is unable to embrace the new change and thus no new growth is established.

A growth mindset, recognizes both success and failure, that even when new changes are introduced that may alter that success to failure, is willing to embrace the new chance and thrive regardless of the outcomes.

Which one are you?

5. Welcome to a new you: version 20.0.

Here’s to a new you. Celebrate it, embrace it, love it, and pass it on.


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