The Melanin Girl Behind “Hello, My Twenties!”


Hello, My Twenties was created in February 2018 as an honest and down-to-earth point of view blog for the everyday Black/African person. People don’t really tell you just how difficult it is to be a minority, especially a black young woman.

Hello, My Twenties provides a resource as well as an outlet to let twenty-somethings women (particularly women of colour but not limited to) know that they are not alone in what they are going through. You can ask questions, get personalized advice, and find tips on all aspects of your lives—from fashion & beauty to living and health. There’s so so much to discover.

The Melanin Girl Behind “Hello, My Twenties!”


Sharon founded Hello My Twenties as a creative outlet for all the struggles she felt as a woman of colour. However, she did not want it to end at that. She figured she couldn’t be the only twenty-something woman of colour going through such a difficult time, so she decided to create a resource for other women to come together and improve their lives while feeling empowered rather than intimidated.

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